It is very popular to use live musicians with a DJ. DJ lives are used at birthdays, weddings, private events, office parties etc. To increase the effect, several singers or musicians have also been used at once – for example, a DJ, trumpet, saxophone and percussionist on stage at once.

DJ live with a trumpet isa nice combination of the variety of a DJs music collection with the lively improvisation of a trumpet. Under Hiring a DJ you can find a suitable DJ for your event.





We have done DJ live events at restaurants (Clazz, Clayhills, Komeet, Wabadus, Von Krahl, Pärl, Pärnu Jahtklubi, Köleri 2 etc.), lounges (Deja Vu, Butterfly etc.), nightclubs (Vabank, BonBon, CatHouse, Venus Club, Club Teater, Sugar etc.) and at many private events.

Some DJs, with whom we have done live events: DJ Tom Lilienthal, DJ Quest, DJ Widensky, DJ Rhytm Doctor, DJ Heidy Purga, DJ Kermo Hert, DJ Kert Klaus, DJ Bert Bevans, DJ Ricky Inch, DJ Henry, DJ Andi Raig, DJ Sander Mölder, DJ Kikko J, DJ Madis Ojaliiv etc.

Some singers, with whom we have done live events: Tanja Mihhailova, Rebecca Kontus, Sofia Rubina, Eva Vaino, Marvi Vallaste etc.

We recommend that along with the performers, you also order a complete solution, as it will significantly save your time. Using a system developed in the course of many years ensures the best result. Read more here.