SwingBox is an energetic swing and electro-swing band which you can dance to. The repertoire of SwingBox consists of the timeless classics of the swing era (Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald etc.) and swing covers of pop music. SwingBox is an ideal band for a Gatsby-style party. This fun, joyful and active group will entertain everyone.

At international events all of our repertoire is in English.

Linda Kanter – vocals
Roland Jairus – double bass
Peep Kallas – drums
Kusti Lemba – guitar
Keio Vutt – soprano & tenor saxophone
Tanel Kuusk / Samuel Jalakas – trumpet

Under the pictures, you can find the videos and under the videos is feedback by clients.

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The following example is not one of our own, but gives a good idea of our music (swing/electro-swing).

Here’s some feedback from our clients. Click here to read the rest of the feedback.

Thank you for your music. As you noticed we were very pleased with your band and your repertoire.


Sailors party, Kärdla Villaladu